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We Replace Defective and Broken Heater Parts

Our heating systems are comprised of many parts. There is the thermostat that controls the temperature in your home or business, the heat exchanger that produces heat through the exchange, and the blow motor that sends an even stream of air through the heating system. Those are only just a few of the parts that a heating system has, but they are all vital in the function of a heater. When every part is in good condition, they all work together to produce exceptional heating for businesses and homes. However, if there is an issue with one of the parts in a heating system, it can affect how the entire system performs.

Because the heating system works really hard to heat homes and businesses, the parts within can start to wear out, get dirty, or just become defective over time. When this happens that heater can’t work as effectively, causing issues like lack of heat, inconsistent heating, and even zero heating. In order to prevent heating issues from happening, call the HVAC technicians at Stewart's Heating and Cooling. We are able to provide heater parts replacement in Eagle Mountain, UT, which is a service where we replace a broken or malfunctioning part with a brand-new one. If you are having problems with your heating system and you don’t know what to do, give us a call at 801-373-2915! We will inspect your heating system, determine what part is the issue, and replace it.

Part We Replace

We are able to replace these types of heating parts.

Why Parts Replacement Service is So Vital

Just like in any piece of equipment, the parts within are paramount in the performance. Take a car for example, without parts like the engine, battery, or ignition system, then the car wouldn’t be able to drive. The same goes for a heating system–when you don’t have the necessary parts working, then the whole system won’t be able to work. Even when one part in the heating system is defective, it can impact how the entire system operates. This is why it is so crucial to call us for heater parts replacement in Eagle Mountain, UT when there are any signs of issues. You might just need minor electric or gas furnace repairs, but there can be times when a whole part needs to replace in order for the heating system to work properly. Contact us if you think that a part in your heating system needs to be replaced.

Signs You Need a Heater Part Replacement

Many people aren’t familiar with heating parts and what does and doesn’t look normal, so it can be hard to differentiate between a normal or worn out heating part. However, there are signs that a heating system can exhibit that indicate a replacement is needed.

  • Strange Noises: if there are any strange noises coming from your heating system, then you will need have it checked out.
  • Leaking Water: This can also be a sign that there is a part in your heater that is malfunctioning.
  • Sporadic Motor Performance: If the motor is too slow or is coming on too frequently, it will need to be inspected.
  • Weak Airflow: When the airflow coming from your vents is weak, consider calling us for help.
  • No Air: If there is not air coming from the vents, that is another thing to be worried about.
  • No Power: The heating system won’t turn on at all, which is a big red flag and needs immediate attention.

Whatever the issue is, we are able to provide heater parts replacement in Eagle Mountain, UT that will fix the issue immediately. Give us a call at 801-373-2915 to make an appointment today.

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Anyone who owns a heating system knows how important they are. The winters in Utah can get very cold, so not having a working heating system can be really bad. Not only can a cold home or business be extremely uncomfortable, it can also be dangerous. If the temperature in your property gets too low, then that means your body temperature will also decrease, which is never good. To prevent all of this from happening, call our heating company at 801-373-2915 for heater parts replacement in Eagle Mountain, UT. To figure out if a worn out or broken heating part is the culprit, we will inspect the system thoroughly, checking that every part is working as it should. If we find that a part is broken or worn out, we will replace it with a new one as soon as possible. We are ready to work with you and ensure your heating system is working as efficiently as possible.