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An electric furnace, just like a gas furnace, is a high-demand appliance. Though it is thought to be easier to maintain, it still does require a significant amount of attention on your part. Things can go very wrong, very quickly when you fail to maintain your furnace. The system can burn-out much sooner than it should, you can experience a fluctuation in heat, and many more problems. Don’t get caught up in stress about your system, though. Instead, rely on Stewart's Heating and Cooling for all your maintenance needs. From installation to replacement, we can provide expert services you need. Dial 801-373-2915 today to schedule an appointment for an electric furnace repair in Eagle Mountain, UT.

It’s Time for an Electric Furnace Replacement

It’s Time for an Electric Furnace Replacement

Every appliance has an expiration date. You can easily extend that with regular maintenance and electric furnace repairs. However, there comes a point when repairs are not going to get the job done efficiently anymore. That is when you may need to invest in an electric furnace replacement. There are several signs to pay attention to determine if you do need to replace your unit.

  • Age: Though you can extend your unit past its expiration date, any system older than 8-years-old really needs to be considered for replacement. The simple truth is that an older unit will not efficiently do the job. This will result in other problems. 
  • Rising Bills: An electric furnace that is reaching the end of its life-span will not operate efficiently or effectively. You’ll notice this in your energy bills. They will more than likely be higher than usual because your furnace is working overtime to heat the space. 
  • Thermostat: If you notice you are constantly changing the thermostat in every room or on every level of your home, something is wrong. This could be the result of something needing repairs, but it could also mean it’s time to replace your furnace.
  • Noise: When loud banging, clanking, or grinding sounds coming from your furnace are serious problems. They need to be addressed immediately. 
  • Constant Repairs: There is a difference between regular repairs once a year and constant repairs every few months. When you are spending more money to keep your furnace operational, it is probably time for an electric furnace replacement.

Electric vs Gas

Electric vs Gas

If you are in the market for a new furnace, you may be wondering which one is the best for you. Many homeowners swear by a gas furnace while others trust an electric furnace. Depending on your needs, how things are set up in your home, and your budget, either option could be a good investment.

An electric furnace will be a good option for those that want all the luxury of gas like heating without the stress of maintaining a gas furnace. These systems use electricity to ignite the pilot light every time heat is needed. This reduces the amount of energy constantly used and reduces the need to keep a vigilant eye on the pilot light.

Gas furnaces, however, supply constant and readily available hot air when you need it. The pilot light is always lit, so you don’t have to wait for the furnace to heat air and then distribute it through your space. That being said, you do have to keep an eye on your pilot light as well as the gas lines to prevent possible leaks.

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