Walk In Freezer Repair

A Walk in Freezer Door Covered in Ice.

Professional Repairs for Your Walk in Freezer

There are many businesses that depend on walk in freezers in order to operate smoothly. Grocery stores, restaurants, cafeterias, and hotels all need an industrial walk in freezers to keep food fresh and safe for customers who order food. It is crucial that when a walk in freezer is exhibiting unusual issues, they are inspected and repaired immediately. Do you own a business that uses a walk in freezer? Is the walk in freezer not working as it should? You can call on the team at Stewart's Heating and Cooling for help. Not only do we offer air conditioning and heating services, but we can also offer commercial refrigerations services such as walk in freezer repair in Eagle Mountain, UT. Anytime you are having an issue with your walk in freezer, contact us at 801-373-2915 to have it looked and repaired.

Signs You Need Repair Service

Knowing when to get walk in freezer repair in Eagle Mountain, UT can save you a lot of money, as well as save the food you have stored in your freezer. If your walk in freezer is displaying these types of problems, then it is time to call us for repair service.

  • Build up of Ice: If there is ice forming constantly on the air vent or evaporator coils, then the freezer will need to be repaired.
  • Power Outages: A blown fuse or any wiring issue can cause your freezer to suffer from power outages, which will need repairing.
  • Non-Stop Running Motor: A motor that is always running is a sign that there is a leak in the freezer.
  • Increased Temperatures: If the temperature isn’t at or below 0° F then there could be a problem with the evaporator.

Schedule Your Appointment Now!

For professional and reliable walk in freezer repair in the Eagle Mountain, UT area, look no further than the experts at Stewart's Heating and Cooling. We know having a broken down freezer can cost you money in not only ruined food but in potential customers dining at your establishment. With our fast and effective repairs, we can get your freezer up and running quickly! Call us at 801-373-2915 to learn more!